4 days and counting

Worked on the to do list...

Known to do list. 

1) Need an icon - won't take long.    Icons created for IOS, Mac and Windows. Mac version tested successfully. 

3) Change options so there are some, or remove it. Removed options. Will reinstate it if I need it.

  4) Make sure I credit the music author. Added credits to the title screen

The rest I haven't got to yet, but wasn't bad for today.

2) Need to be able to carry on from the level you're on the next time you play - you will get rather upset having to play from the start over and over... :P 

5) Add more levels! 

6) Add a suicide option - if you get lost and you have no light, it's annoying trying to find a hole or a way out! 

7) might add a border around the maze, haven't decided yet.. It will make it 'brighter', but I like the dark lost feel!

Get FireFly - Running out of Power

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