3 days and counting...

Worked on the to do list some more...

Known to do list. 

2) Need to be able to carry on from the level you're on the next time you play - you will get rather upset having to play from the start over and over... :P This was one of the bigger ones, but I managed to knock it out in an hour. As an added bonus, I also made an edit so you know what level you are on. Down side is that you don't currently have a way of restarting at 1 :). That I might put in the Options.

1) Need an icon - won't take long.    Icons created for IOS, Mac and Windows. Mac version tested successfully. 

3) Change options so there are some, or remove it. Removed options. Will reinstate it if I need it.

  4) Make sure I credit the music author. Added credits to the title screen

The rest I haven't got to yet, but wasn't bad for today.

5) Add more levels! 

6) Add a suicide option - if you get lost and you have no light, it's annoying trying to find a hole or a way out! 

7) might add a border around the maze, haven't decided yet.. It will make it 'brighter', but I like the dark lost feel!

Get FireFly - Running out of Power

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